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Conceal Under Eyes to Hide Circles, Bags and Hollow Skin

Our Bella Angel brides always ask us about skincare and how to prepare for their wedding day. The one thing that we have heard the most is.. what is the best way to conceal under eyes? Mostly, brides want us to conceal under their eyes to cover their dark under eye circles, bags or hollow skin. Our makeup artists use professional makeup to create a flawless look under your eyes. However, some brides need more than makeup to create a flawless under eye appearance. In this case, there are a few options to consider.

What are under eye bags?

conceal under eyes

Under eye bags are the appearance of swelling, a pouch or puffiness under the eyes.

The most common cause of under eye bags is aging. This is because the tissues and muscles around the eyes, and particularly under the eyes, weaken over time. Also, fat stored by the body to help support the eyes can begin to move into the area under the eyes.

Irritation from allergies can also contribute to swelling under the eyes. Of course rubbing your eyes will certainly make the redness and puffiness worse.

How common are under eye bags?

Under eye bags are common, particularly with age.

Sometimes, the appearance of under eye bags can be hereditary, as a result there is little that can be done to prevent their appearance.

Other contributing factors are:

  • Allergies
  • Excessive alcohol
  • High sodium diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Sinus problems

How to get rid of under eye bags

A holistic approach that considers each of the potential factors that could contribute to under eye bags can help you rule out the cause and pursue the appropriate treatment.

Some treatments for swelling are:

  • Cold compresses
  • Green tea bags
  • Elevating the head at night
  • Avoid foods that cause fluid retention
  • Stop smoking

If under eye bags are based mostly on physical changes, cosmetic surgery or injections can be an option. A nurse or doctor can administer injections to apply a filler under the eye area to flatten out the eye bags. These can be quite expensive and can last for up to one year. This is certainly an option for many people but they can be painful, cause bruising and also look fake.

If that doesn’t work, then you can turn to a great makeup artist and they will use a really good concealer and foundation. These products will work wonders and you will certainly see an improvement.

Visiting the appropriate doctor is crucial. If you think your eye bags are caused by allergies, see an allergist, or try an over the counter allergy medicine. If your sinuses are clogged, the appropriate doctor is an ENT with a specialty in sinuses.

In short, there are many options to consider. Do your research and find the best option for you.

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Victoria DiPietro Owner & Wedding Specialist